About Us

Mission Statement: NC Women for Cannabis educates and empowers women to engage in the political process to enact laws that protect our sick and suffering.

NC Women for Cannabis is a diverse organization of North Carolinian daughters, mothers, grandmothers, wives, patients, and caregivers. We believe…

1. That cannabis is vital for the health of our families.
2. That manmade chemicals are not a safer option.
3. That the ability to legally grow a plant is fundamental to our freedoms as citizens of the United States.
4. That prohibition has done more harm to our families than the plant ever could.
5. That nobody should ever be imprisoned for the use or growth of a plant.
6. That exercising our choice for holistic wellness shouldn’t be a crime.

NC Women for Cannabis membership spans North Carolina from the mountains to the coast. We conduct educational outreach activities within our communities and with our lawmakers in Raleigh to enact laws that reflect the will of the people in support of cannabis.

All our activism is self-funded. Your donation is much needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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